Thursday, 2 January 2014

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Our goal is to make this petition to fight for our representatives in the House of Representatives are clean and represent the aspirations of the people in the region in general without any intervention Pileg money and donations to the community derived from funds of funds suspected of corruption but claimed as private donations ..
Also looked is one of the figures representing inequality and straight errors in the legislative election system in this country , which ultimately funds of funds in the " expected " results obtained from its corruption of the air can be washed or money laundering by providing assistance to the people of NTT NTT to choose him to represent her and legalize corruption action on a national scale
The reputations of the alleged corruption charges or other illegal acts of its starting cessie case ( the right to collect ) bali banks worth 500 billion , the illegal import of sugar , toxic waste disposal in Riau , allegations of corruption hambalang 1 trillion , the e - ID card corruption 5 trillion , election -fixing trial in the Court , even in the mining area and Ask this sumba Manggarai
Law as if it can not be touched , even the police , prosecutors and even kpk in " call call" under his control . On one occasion at the candidates meeting also looked Center , he said that " the value of the NTT no more than Rp . 100,000 / voice " , when responding to a reporter's question about the rejection of his action
Therefore, if the brothers pleasing facebook please join the group " also looked as candidates reject " and disseminated spread it to other friends to join friends who support this moral movementOr participate signed the petition . After the petition is collected quite a lot of support then we will send this petition to all editors of national newspapers and magazines so that our voices be heard ..

to :NTT voiced ---- Reject also looked as candidates representing NTT !
Sincerely,[ Your name]

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